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Tips For A Sparkling Bathroom In 8 Simple Steps

We’ve got the perfect list of bathroom cleaning steps for you to get your bathroom shining and sparkling with these simple tips!

√Step 1:Dust & Vacuum

Before you can really get to the sanitizing and sparkling part of the cleaning process, you’ve got to do away with dust. Here’s a tip: work from the top down. Begin with light fixtures and work your way to the floors.

√Step 2:Bring The Heat

Fill the bottom of your tub and sink(s) with hot water and let it set for 10 minutes. This will prep your surfaces for cleaning products later in the process!

√Step 3: Disinfect

After you’ve drained your tub and sink(s), use an antibacterial cleaner or solution of your choice to spray your surfaces. Spread the solution across the surfaces, leaving no space unsprayed. Use a disinfecting liquid in the toilet bowl, applying the solution around the entire rim of the bowl.

√Step 4: Set

Let the spread solution set on your surfaces for 5-7 min. This will allow enough time for the sanitization process to take full effect and will leave your surfaces brighter and disinfected! Let the solution in your toilet set as well.

√Step 5: Scrub-A-Dub

Scrub your solution in a circular motion on surfaces with a scratch-free sponge. For the shower, use a scrubber with an extension handle to ease the pain in your back when cleaning hard to reach spaces. For your toilet, use a non-scratch toilet brush, and allow it to dry once completed.

√Step 6:Rinse

Thoroughly rinse off all solution with hot water. If it is left on the surfaces, it will continue to collect dirt and could possibly stain.

√Step 7:Dry

If you want the result to last, be sure to take a paper towel and dry your recently rinsed bathroom spaces. Be sure to use separate towels for the toilet to avoid spreading any germs. Tip: take a dryer sheet and rub on faucets and handles. This will help prevent dust from collecting on them!

√Step 8: Mirrors & Floors

Clean mirrors with a dry rag, and exit the bathroom as you sweep and mop the floors with a clean-smelling solution.

Now that your bathroom is sparkling, make sure it all works correctly! Notice a leaky sink or a running toilet? Give D&D a call today or fill out our form to the right!


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