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images-1For how much water is used daily in the average home, it’s important to know what is actually in the water and the effects it has on our daily lives. You may have heard the terms “hard” and “soft” water in regards to what you should have in your home. Here, we will introduce the differences between the two, and discuss the benefits of soft water.

Hard water is a term used to describe water that among other minerals, has high levels of calcium, magnesium, and sometimes, iron. The presence of the minerals is due to the water’s contact with rocks and soil. On the other hand, soft water has few to zero extra elements because the hard elements have been removed. The removal of these hardening elements can make all the difference when it comes to the life of appliances, utility costs, and personal care.

Soft Water…

Extends The Life Of Your Appliances

By using soft water, the harmful effects on your appliances decrease dramatically. Unlike hard water, soft water does not leave behind mineral deposits. These mineral deposits left behind by hard water can cause stains on drains, water spots and film on dishes, and scale on tubs. Dishwashers, washing machines, faucets, shower heads, and pipes will last longer due to less build-up caused by hard water.

Saves on Utility Costs

Using soft water can decrease fuel costs when it comes to boilers and heaters, because of the reduction of heat transfer caused by hard water. With soft water, water heaters function more efficiently, decreasing costs. Not only that, but soft water responds more efficiently to soaps and cleaners, which exponentially decreases the need for detergent, which is another way to save!

Offers Hair And Skin Benefits

Hair and skin can take quite the hit when showering with hard water as opposed to soft. Hard water can cause our hair to appear filmy, dull, or straw-like. The minerals found in hard water can also strip hair of natural oils and shine, and can cause build-up in pores on the body and face.



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