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Despite the fact that electricity is the same no matter who you choose your service through, the decision of choosing an electric company can be tough. Even though there is probably only one actual “provider” of your electricity, it is important that you choose a service company that you trust and can easily communicate with. Today, we’ll cover some important factors to consider when choosing an electric company.

Go Online

The power of the Internet can be extremely beneficial when choosing an electric company. Websites like or can help you find a company and see what consumers think of that company. Texas Electricity Ratings gives you a list of their top 10 electricity providers based on billing and account management, customer service, likeliness of recommendation, order experience, price, plans and promotions.

Different electricity companies offer different things. Some offer free usage during certain times, different rates (fixed-rate, variable-rate), contract dates, pricing plans, promotions, etc. The key is finding the one that offers the most competitive plan that works best for you/and your family.

Ask Around

Another key to choosing an electric company is asking around to see what companies people use and how happy/unhappy they are with them. One of the most important factors to ask about is customer service. You want to be able to quickly and easily get ahold of someone (preferably an actual person) at your electric company if you have a problem.


When in doubt, pick up the phone! You can always call the company you’re considering and do a sort of “interview.” Ask them how they differentiate themselves, their specific plans, contract details, ease of contact, etc.

Hopefully these tips help you choose the right electric company for your home. Next time you need air conditioning service, choose D&D! Let us show you why we’re “Midland’s Favorite!”