The Crazy Things a Plumber Find Flushed Down the Toilet


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 Your toilet.

Ants in your pants. Underwear seems to be a large source for drain clogs. Funny story, an Ohio prisoner flashed his entire pants down the toilet. Four days away from, completing his sentence he was then sentenced to 30 more days for criminal mischief.

Waterproof cell phone. As phones become smaller and thinner more and more phones are falling out of people’s pockets and into the toilet. Plumbers have had to remove cell phones, iPods, and other gadgets from the pipes.

$7,000 flush. Jewelry has always been a common drop down the drain. In Grand Rapids, Michigan, a plumber recovered a $7,000 engagement ring. Accident or not, that was quite the find.

Fishes down the drain. Unfortunately the crocodile in the sewer system is true. Plumbers have had to rescue many animals from pipes. Mainly all reptiles.

Toys. Potty training is one thing but once children learn the secrets of indoor plumbing, the toilet becomes a master piece of flushable objects. Everything from Legos to keys we have seen it all.

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