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Both Father’s Day and the start of summer are THIS Sunday! What better way to celebrate both occasions than with a blog about hacks to repair your air conditioner? This way, dad can put off calling us until Monday AND enjoy a cool house on this hot first summer day! Try these tips to make minor repairs to your AC:

The AC is running, but not cooling enough…

  • Check the air filter. Dirty air filters can restrict air flow. (Find out how to choose the right one in our blog, How Do You Choose A HVAC Filter?)
  • Adjust the balancing dampers in your home’s ductwork (not at the air vents).
  • Clean your AC evaporator with a soft brush or Shop Vac.

The AC isn’t blowing cool air…

The AC isn’t turning on at all…

  • Adjust the thermostat by turning it down 5 degrees. If it is set too high, it prevents the unit from running.
  • Check the breaker box. YOu may have a tripped breaker on the circuit of your AC.
  • The control wire has been cut or otherwise damaged (this wire is on the outdoor unit).

Of course, making minor repairs to your AC will only last you so long. Eventually, you’ll have to call the professionals. And when you do, think of us first! We’re “Midland’s Favorite” for a reason and would love to show you why! Give us a call or request service online.

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