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No one likes to call a plumber or HVAC technician. As a premier HVAC and plumbing company in Midland, TX, we get a lot of questions at D&D. We’ve compiled a list of HVAC and plumbing FAQs to help answer some common problems we encounter.

Your HVAC and Plumbing FAQs…Answered!

#1 – Though it’s a little annoying, there’s really no reason to get that little drip fixed…right?

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. In addition to being pretty bothersome, not fixing that dripping faucet or slightly leaky toilet can cost you big on your water bill. On average, even small leaks can waste up to 3,000 gallons per year! It’s better (and cheaper) to call a professional plumber to get it fixed.

#2 – Is a programmable thermostat worth the expense?

In short, yes! Choosing not to run the air conditioner or furnace during times that you’re not home is smart. Who wants to pay for things they don’t even use? A programmable thermostat, especially a digital one you can control via an app, can help you regulate the temperature in your home without spending extra money on utility bills. Set up an installation today, just in time for the cooler weather.

#3 – Why does my sink smell so bad?

Food, drinks, saliva, and cosmetic products all go down the drain. If there’s even a slight clog, it’s the perfect environment for bacteria. A licensed plumber can get your drain cleaned out easily, whether it’s a simple repair or replacing all of the parts.

#4 – Is it really necessary to change out the air filter every month?

Have you seen how nasty that thing can get, especially with all of the dust in West Texas? While it’s certainly up to you, swapping out your air filter every month prevents allergens and dust particles from circulating throughout your home. It genuinely helps with air quality and allergies.

#5 – What can I do about hard water?

Midland is notorious for its water…and not in a good way. Ideally, installing a whole-house reverse osmosis system can eliminate sediment in your water. This saves on ruined fixtures and appliances, such as coffee pots. D&D definitely recommend installing an in-sink unit to purify your drinking water for multiple health reasons.

#6 – Why does my heater or air conditioner smell the first time I turn it on each season?

It’s burning off the ol’ West Texas dirt! The heating cool warms the dust that’s been sitting on it for several months, giving it that “bug in the zapper” smell. Unless you see smoke or it continues after a few moments of running, there’s generally no reason for concern.

We hope we’ve answered some of your most common HVAC and plumbing FAQs. Still missing the answer to your question? Call the pros at D&D today. We’re happy to help!