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It’s the moment everyone dreads (or you may not dread it until it actually happens)….

Your air conditioner goes out.

What do you do? Well, first you call D&D (of course), but until we can get over, you’ve got to keep your home cool without AC! There are few things more miserable than being unbearably hot in your own home…so we’re here to help!

We hope it never happens to you, but in the case that it does, here are some tips to keep your home cool without AC!

1. Use Fans

  • Make sure your ceiling fan is on and running in the right direction (in the summertime, you should feel the breeze blowing down).
  • To maximize the cooling power of a natural breeze, set one stand alone fan facing in on the side of your home receiving the wind and another fan facing out on the opposite end of the house.
  • Your body sheds heat as water evaporates off your skin, so try spritzing yourself with water while in front of a stand alone fan. This is especially fun for kiddos!

2. Eat Cold Meals

  • It’s the same concept as drinking a cool drink on a hot day. Eating cool foods helps keep your internal temperature low on a hot day (think salads or fruits!) Hey, eating cool foods can keep you healthy, too!
  • If you do have to cook, use the outside grill or microwave. Using your oven or stove will only make your home hotter.

3. Hit The Lights

  • Incandescent light bulbs can produce as much heat as they do light! If you don’t need your lights, turn them off.
  • Like with lightbulbs, electronics can increase room temperatures. So, if unneeded, unplug any electronic device.

4. Take A Dip

  • Taking a cold shower or jumping in a pool decreases body temperature. So, if you’re looking to stay cool without an AC, jump in!
  • If you don’t have a cold shower or pool available, take a shortcut by dabbing cold water or ice cubes on the back of your neck and on your wrists. The blood vessels are so close to the skin that you’ll feel the cooling effects sooner.

Like we said, we hope your AC never goes out and your home is always cool…but, we live in a real world and instance like that are bound to happen! However, when they do, refer to our tips above. But don’t forget…call “Midland’s Favorite” first!