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Think of the shower and your bathroom space as not only a place to get squeaky clean, but also a way for you to manage your time and de-stress. Here’s how:

A Little Peace & Quiet

We all know sometimes you just need to get away, why not in the shower? Use your shower time as a breather. Warm water has been proven to slow down the heart and calm the mind, so take advantage! It also helps if you get up 30 minutes early, grab a quick workout and a cool shower…it helps to invigorate you and get you moving for the day ahead. Even showers can help relax your muscles and calm your nerves, especially after a tough day.

Get Moving!

Squeeze in exercise where you can get it! Do calf raises while you’re brushing your teeth or squats while you’re drying off. Every little bit counts!

Time Management

Use that spare time to think about the day ahead…or what happened during your day. This is a chance to not only scrub your scalp, but to make the most out of the “free time” to organize you to-do’s and collect your thoughts. If you have a never ending to do list at work, schedule it out so when you jump out of that shower you are ready to go! For all those ladies out there that take a while to get ready in the morning, use the shower time to ponder about what you will wear that day. It will save you time we promise!

Scrub It Up!

While we don’t recommend scouring your shower while you’re still in it (harsh abrasives and other ingredients in cleaning products can irritate your skin and have harmful fumes), we do recommend giving your bathroom a little cleaning while you’re in there. This could be a quick drawer reorganization, scrubbing the toilet, or wiping down the tub. The added “exercise” can help you de-stress, too!

Enjoy your woosah time and have a great shower!