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My Toilet Is Running…HELP! 

Problems with your toilet? Don’t panic. We can fix this! Check out these tips on how to fix a running toilet!


  1. TURN OFF YOUR WATER-Let’s avoid a massive mess from the very beginning!
  2. Remove the lid on the back of the commode.
  3. Flush your toilet and let all the water drain out. This will make things a lot easier if there is no water in the tank.
  4. On the bottom of the tank you’ll see the flapper, (usually  red or black piece of rubber). You’ll see that the flapper is hooked to the long thin piece in the tank.
  5. Reach down and remove the flapper from the hooks. The flexibility of the rubber makes this part simple. It should come right off!
  6. Unhook the chain from the toilet handle.
  7. Now you’re going to out the new flapper in. This is the same process as before, only backwards.  Replace the rubber flapper and re-hook the chain to the handle.
  8. Switch the water back on put your work to the test!

Say goodbye to your running toilet! If these tips don’t work turn it over to the pros! Give D&D a call today! (432) 687-1011

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