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Have you ever given thought to the quality of the water that comes out of your tap?  August is National Water Quality Month, so this is the perfect time to take stock of the water coming into your home.

Good water quality is a must for your health and well-being.  Impurities such as metals, chemicals, and bacteria can cause skin irritation, illness, and even damage your clothing in the wash. There are several ways you can improve the water quality in your home, with professional help or DIY.

1. Check your faucet aerators

This little mesh catches a lot of sediment and bacteria, which your water pours over as the tap runs.  Unscrew the aerator from the tip of your faucet and give it a good scrub and soak in white vinegar for a few minutes, then rinse it well and put it back on.  Your faucet will run more smoothly, and the water will be cleaner.

2. Use water filters

There are many options for water filtration.  Some models attach to the tap, some connect under the sink, and others filter all water for the whole house.  Feel free to add a tap filter yourself, but for more complex systems, call us first!  Whatever system you choose, make sure to replace the filters at the recommended intervals, or whenever they start to seem clogged.

3. Watch what you put down the drain

Don’t pour chemicals down any drain in your home.  Many household chemicals are corrosive and can damage your pipes, which can lead to blockages and contamination.

4. Look over your pipes

If your water seems less than crystal clear, have a look at your pipes.  Cracks, leaks, or corrosion can all contribute to poor water quality.  Remember that plumbing repairs are best left to professionals, though, so if you find a problem, call D & D Plumbing

If you notice any of the following issues with your water, call a professional immediately:

• Your water is murky or cloudy.

• Your water has a strange smell, like sulfur or chlorine.

• Your water has any kind of color to it.

• Your water fixtures are getting stained.

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