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How many times do we think winter’s behind us and then suddenly Mother Nature winks her eye or Punxsutawney Phil gives a dire Groundhog Day prediction and temperatures plummet yet again?  All too often, unfortunately. Just when we’re more than ready to see those pretty Texas bluebells breakthrough, rain clouds disappear and blue skies take over.

Never Too Late

With the expenses of the Holidays behind, now is a great time to get that heating system finally checked out. End the procrastination and for peace of mind invest in a service and tune-up! When a heating system is well maintained and working as efficiently as possible, there are many benefits aside from the obvious of a warm house to come home to. Others include fuel consumption is minimized, dust levels may be reduced and homeowners rest much easier knowing they’ve finally taken care that preventative maintenance step that was perhaps a little overdue. It’s never too late to be proactive and you’ll be one step ahead when those fall temperatures return with vengeance in just a few short months.

Energy Efficient 

It’s also the perfect time to start thinking about a possible replacement if your heating system is a little on the “mature” side and perhaps nearing the end of its life. Talk to us about the best systems available to meet your needs and the possible cost savings. Today’s heating and cooling systems are incredibly energy efficient and the chances are a new system will almost certainly save you money.

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Late spring is a great time to put in any new system without any concerns about the cold or the heat for that matter. D&D has been helping homeowners in West Texas for more than thirty years and we know what we’re talking about. Contact us and let us make your home as warm (or cool) and energy efficient as possible.