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Whether it’s a bum water heater or a serious slab leak, most people aren’t thrilled to call a professional plumber. However, it’s important to find a skilled plumber who is capable of fixing your issue. We’re sharing the qualifications of a good plumber to help you get started.

They Have Credentials

While it’s fine to have your handyman neighbor help to tighten a faucet, real plumbers have specific credentials. One of the most important traits of a good plumber is their educational history. The State of Texas requires that plumbers complete a series of courses and take an examination to prove competency. Additionally, they are required to undergo background checks to keep their licensing status.

They Provide Estimates

Before beginning work, especially on a major project, a good plumber will provide you with an estimate. Keep in mind that an estimate is a ballpark figure based on the difficulty of the project – in fact, many plumbing experts estimate high. However, be understanding that it can be hard to fully diagnose a problem until a plumber is able to really dig into the project. Be wary of any plumber who refuses to provide a written estimate.

They’re Respectful

A quality plumber is respectful of your time, money, and home. If they’re running late (which happens from time to time during busy seasons), a good plumber will call you to let you know about schedule changes. They should also communicate their progress and any changes to the estimate before they begin work – remember, it’s your choice on how to proceed. Additionally, a professional plumber doesn’t leave a mess behind when the project is completed.

They’re Prepared

When you make you initial service call, try to be as specific as possible about your problem. A good plumber is qualified to handle a variety of situations, but it’s helpful to them to have as much information as possible. Don’t trust a plumber who doesn’t have common tools or isn’t prepared to handle your job.

D&D is proud to meet these qualifications of a good plumber. We’ve been in the plumbing industry for over 30 years; we have the experience and skills to help handle even your toughest plumbing problem. Schedule your service with a GREAT plumber today.