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Summer doesn’t have to be a bummer, even with high(er) utility costs. If you follow our air conditioning maintenance tips, you can save money on cooling bills this summer. The best news? You can complete many of these tips yourself!


Dust, in small quantities, is annoying. However, dust that accumulates can be a cooling bill nightmare. When dirt and grim accumulates, it prevents airflow and keeps your air conditioner from functioning properly. Here’s a short list of things to clean frequently to ensure that your system is running its best, which saves you money on utility bills:

  • Clean out air conditioning ducts
  • Remove debris and grime from exterior air conditioning units
  • Blow out the air conditioning condensate line
  • Wipe off vents

Not interested in doing it yourself? That’s no problem. Just schedule a service appointment with D&D

Swap Filters

During times of high use, your air conditioning filter needs to be changed out frequently – as in at least once per month. Pet hair and dander, dust, pollen, and other air debris accumulates there. The purpose of the filter is to remove the impurities from the air so that it isn’t circulated throughout your home or office by your air conditioning system.

Haven’t changed out your A/C filter in a while? Go ahead and see how nasty it is. Not only will you see a difference in your home’s air quality, you’ll most likely see an improvement in your monthly invoices. The air conditioner filters clog up over time, causing your AC to work hard than it needs to.

Schedule A Service

Like with your health and vehicles, scheduling check-ups can make a big difference in your life. The professionals at D&D can help to assess any issues before they become costly repairs. We carefully look over your air conditioner to determine any areas which need to be address. If your air conditioner is operating like it should, you’ll be less likely to be surprised with a big bill at the end of each month.

Consider A New Unit

If you’ve maintained your air conditioner all you can, it may be time to consider purchasing a new one. Older units may not work as efficiently as a new air conditioner, which can add up. Repairs on older models can also be expensive. This is can be due to difficulty tracking down parts that may not be manufactured any longer.

D&D works exclusively with American Standard equipment. American Standard is known for its energy-efficient equipment. In fact, D&D is currently offering special summer financing on select units, so be sure to contact us today.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to save money on cooling bills this summer after following our tips. Just remember that D&D is happy to handle any of your air conditioning needs, whether big or small.