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If you’re like most people this Fourth of July, you’re heading out of town to celebrate with friends and family. Whether you’re taking a vacation or just heading to the lake for the weekend, use our tips to save on your utility bill when you’re out of town!

1. Unplug-You’re not the only one who needs a break! Unplugging your electrical devices (desktop computer, landline, TV, coffee pot, etc.) can translate into savings on your utility bill. Additionally, consider unplugging your garage door. This will not only help you save on your utility bill, but it also keeps burglars out (prohibiting them from opening it with a universal remote).

2. Crank It Down (Or Off)-As far as your air conditioning system, you have a couple of options. If you have ceiling fans, you could leave your ceiling fans on and turn your air conditioner off. If you don’t have ceiling fans or don’t want to keep them running, you could set your air conditioner to turn on every few hours. Either option keeps your house less stuffy when you get home without actually cooling it.

3. A Tip For Safety-While you’re away, keep burglars at bay by making your home “look” occupied. Make it look like someone is home by keeping a light or two on (or better yet, investing in timers) or leaving a car parked in the front of the house. Also, it is best to have someone (a neighbor or close friend) check on your house if possible. Ask them to pick up the paper, open/shut blinds, take out your trash, mow the yard, etc. Anything to create the illusion that someone is home. An empty house is prime opportunity for burglary.

We hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July! Whether you’re on vacation, or spending it in the backyard, stay safe and enjoy time with the ones you love. And remember D&D for all your air conditioning needs. Your comfort is our #1 priority!

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