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Are you noticing a foul smell coming from your shower? How does a space that’s made to keep you clean, smell bad? It’s certainly possible and here, we’ll discuss why your shower smells and what you can do to freshen it up!

The Basics

First, let’s get down to the blueprints. Under each drain, there’s what is called a P Trap. The P Trap pipe’s shape allows a small amount of water to be “trapped” in the elbow of the pipe. When water is trapped in this section of the pipe, it prevents air from rising and emitting a foul odor through the drain.

The Source Of The Smell

When your shower smells, it’s probably because it isn’t used very often. Under used showers tend to have less water in the P Trap part of their drain pipe, which allows a foul smell to come up. Another reason your shower smells could me mold or mildew due to the moisture left after a shower.

Tips & Tricks

If your shower smells because it is under used, pour a bucket of water directly into your shower drain to re-fill the P Trap pipe. For mold and mildew problems, clean your shower with bleach to kill the smell and mold. Here’s a tip: fill a sponge wand with vinegar and dish detergent. Keep the wand in the shower, and while you are in there, scrub down the walls and corners to prevent mold growth.

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