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Save Water & Energy With This Simple Change

Did you know the thing that uses the most water in your home is your shower? According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average home uses 40 gallons of water every day, which translates to over 4.9 billion gallons a day in the United States.

Whether you are seeking to help the environment or save some cash, you can do both by simply switching out your shower head!

If you are currently showering with an older shower head (installed prior to 1994), you could be using an unnecessary amount of water. Older shower heads typically spray 5 gallons per minute. That’s way too much. Models made after that year have been known to output almost half of that, and have since then become more and more efficient.

Put Your Shower Head To The Test

Is your shower head putting out more water than necessary? Test it! Place a gallon bucket under your shower head. Turn on your shower to the usual setting you use for your shower. If the water reaches one gallon in less than 24 seconds, this is a sign you could benefit from a low-flow shower head.

What To Look For

Need to make the switch? When you go buy your new shower head, be looking for a “WaterSense” label, which means that particular one is highly efficient.

For more ways you could save on your energy bill, contact D&D today!

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