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Your Upstairs is too hot?

You’ve come to the right place!

Temperatures Are Rising…To The Upstairs Of Your Home

It’s hot out there, and nothing feels better than walking into a cool home after being outside in the summer heat. For those with two-story homes, it may not be as easy to keep that second level as cool and crisp as the first. It’s not a secret folks: heat rises. It’s because of this fact that you may find the upstairs is significantly hotter than your first level. If the upstairs is too hot in your home, follow these steps from D&D to see what small changes you can make to keep your upstairs cool during the hot summer months!

Drop The Curtain

If you have drapes or curtains, close ’em up! Heat loves to sneak in through windows, especially older ones. By closing your curtains, you can significantly affect the temperature of the room and save on your energy bill!

Lights Out

Still using those old high-wattage bulbs? Well, hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it may be time to switch those cookers out. When you’re upstairs is too hot, these bulbs not only make it hotter, but waste energy. High-voltage bulbs can quickly heat up a room and make you feel either like you’re being cooked or being interrogated. Neither of those scenarios seem ideal. Switch out your old bulbs with energy-conserving bulbs, and be sure to turn off the lights when you do not need them.

Furniture Shuffle

Tall furniture like armoires and book cases could be blocking the flow of your vents and causing your room to stay hot! Make sure the spaces around your air vents are completely uncovered to allow proper circulation throughout the room. This will help cool off your upstairs in a quick minute! Adding a floor fan will also help with circulation in a room with large furniture!

Lighten Up

Did you know that dark paint colors can absorb heat and actually make your space hotter? Consider re-painting your dark walls a lighter, cooler color like white, cream, light grey or cool blue to maintain a comfortable temperature when your upstairs is too hot.

We’ve Got Your Back

We hope these quick tips will help make a difference in the coolness of your home, but should you have to make a larger change, you know who to call! Sometimes, as much as we’d like them to, quick fixes cannot fix everything, and that’s where we come in! Be sure to call D&D or fill out the form below if your upstairs is too hot, and for all of your HVAC needs. We will help keep you and your upstairs cool this summer!

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