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Sometimes your home can become a little cramped. With a growing family or extra guests there is never enough room for everyone. So why not use that garage as yours for extra space? Genius.

Storage. Your garage is a great space to store everything from holiday decorations to gardening supplies. But with storing all your home goods in one place it can become a little crowded. Take the time to organize your garage. The walls and ceiling are a great place to add hooks and nails to hang and store off the ground. Clear out all your closets and transfer them to the garage. Placing them in their own bins will keep it all in line. By doing so you are giving your guests a perfectly clean closet to stash their travel bags.

Extra room. The garage can be a great place to have a dinner party or dance party when the weather is nice. By organizing your garage supplies and pulling out the cars, your garage can now become an extra room. Cover your storage areas with room dividers or curtains for a cleaner look. Add a long decorated table with chairs and hang a makeshift chandelier and you are good to go.

Gym. Set up an area in your garage for a gym! By placing a mat and some old rungs along the ground, you have a good start. Add that never used gym equipment you got for Christmas and a few weights and you are good to go. Open the garage door, add a fan and some music.

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