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What You Should Know Before A Bathroom Remodel

Looking to finally remodel your bathroom?A bathroom remodel is not a small task, and it always helps to know the tricks of the trade and have insight on the right products to choose! D&D is here to give you some helpful tips and let you know the basics before you begin your bathroom remodel!

First of all, decide what your goal is with this bathroom remodel. What features would you like it to have? Asking yourself these questions will help you in deciding which products to choose, as each have different benefits.

Accessory Placement. One thing that will that will save you a lot of time and headache later on is deciding where you want to place your bathroom accessories. For example: towel racks, the sink, toilet paper holder, and the mirror placement and height should be planned out ahead of time. Not sure where you want everything? Use painter’s tape on the wall and adjust accordingly.

Water Heater. If you are putting in a soaking tup or multi-head shower, you may need a bigger water heater.

Vents. What kind of vent is best for your bathroom? Its recommended the quieter the better in the master, a middle of the road sound level vent in the guest bathroom, and a vent that is quite loud and high powered in any bathroom near busy parts of the house for maximum privacy.

Tile. If you are seeking a tile that will be easy to clean, you’ll want to stay away from natural stones and go with a glazed or porcelain tile. You’ll want textured tile for a no-slip feature.

Vanity. Choose a vanity that will best fit the needs of you and your family. A pedestal sink may be sleek in design, but would not be the best fit for someone looking to store a lot of items into a bathroom.

Have a plan for a backup bathroom before tearing up your current one.

Locate all water shutoff valves to avoid floods when removing fixtures.

Measure to ensure all fixtures will fit.

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