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What do you normally set your thermostat on? You don’t want to overwork your system, but you want to make sure you home gets and stays cool! Today, we’re answering the question: “What’s the best temperature to set your thermostat?”

What’s The Best Temperature To Set Your Thermostat: Summer

Typically, our bodies are most comfortable when the air inside our home is 74-76 degrees. So, a safe setting is 75 degrees. However, this is only necessary when you’re in your home. If you’re like most, you are gone during the day. When gone, you can set your thermostat anywhere from 76 to 78. Additionally, if you set your thermostat a few degrees higher when you sleep (76-78), you can save energy (which means saving money in cooling costs). But, be careful not to set your thermostat too high, as your unit will struggle to return to your comfort level.

What’s The Best Temperature To Set Your Thermostat: Winter

Your furnace will keep your home warm set at 68 degrees during the colder months of the year. Like in the summer, you can save money in cooling costs if you lower your thermostat a few degrees as you sleep (or when you’re away from your home). However, during the sometimes mild winter months, you may not have to use your furnace at all. (But be warned, West Texas weather can always surprise you!)

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