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Tankless water heaters work by heating up water as it is needed, instead of filling a storage tank and waiting around for the water to heat up. If you turn on the hot water faucet, the water will be heated up, as it travels through the pipe into your sink. Typically, the water will be heated by a gas burner element installed at the heater’s location. The heaters with storage tanks will run out of hot water, at some point, and you’ll find yourself stepping into what you expect to be a hot shower, only to find out that it’s ice cold instead.

Other Advantages of Tankless Water Heaters

Besides the guarantee of a hot shower when you need it, there are other advantages as well. Here are 3 of them:
  • Energy Efficient A tankless water heater can save your home energy while saving you money. If you’re on the lower side of daily water consumption, you may see a moderate amount of savings on your utility bills. For those who fall on the higher side of water usage, you will still see a fair amount of savings.
  • Last Longer– Tankless water heaters are usually on the more expensive side. However, they tend to last much longer than the storage tank heaters. In the long run, you’re saving more money by going with the tankless one. It’s thought that a tankless water heater can last around 20, possibly more, years. The storage tank ones are only good for about 12 or so years, depending on how well you take care of them.
  • Space Saver– The tankless type of water heater has the advantage of being a space saver over the storage tank heaters. A tankless water heater is mounted on the wall, while storage tank heaters are big and will take up a lot of room.
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