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New year, new goals! Like giving your home a makeover or dealing with your persistent plumbing problems once and for all. Speaking of which, do you have consistent plumbing issues or plumbing defects that you are not aware of? What are some of the ways you can avoid plumbing problems this year?

  • Identifying the Problem Areas
    Pipe leaks, flooding sinks and tubs, leaking toilets, and broken pipes are examples of problem areas that point out a major problem or an isolated case. A plumber will help you access what the actual problem is, fix it or recommend preventative measures.
  • Having A Plumbing Overhaul
    If the plumbing system is old or defective, an overhaul should be considered. If you have had a home inspection and know how long the plumbing system has been used or if it is defective because you are continually having plumbing issues, then you need the plumbing system changed.
  • Exercising General Maintenance Measures
    Be more careful what you throw into your sink and toilet. Avoid throwing things in the sink that can clog; only water and soap are allowed. Avoid throwing stuff in the bathroom that will not flush. Use your garbage disposal well and do not throw in large chunks of waste in it.

Other regular maintenance practices are:

  1. Flush your water heaters once a year.
  2. Run some water on your garbage disposal
  3. Install drain guards to prevent clogging
  4. Get a professional technician to clear your drains
  5. Install a water filtration device that can prevent the corrosion of your shower head by hard water
  6. Get your pipes insulating sleeves to prevent freezing which causes faucets and pipes to burst
  7. Proper maintenance will help you avoid some plumbing problems this year. For any queries on plumbing details or if you have persistent plumbing problems or need a more efficient plumbing system, contact us for the best services.