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Reverse osmosis (R.O.), refers to the chemical treatment process that removes many harmful contaminants in your drinking water. This treatment process removes large molecules, minerals, foreign contaminants, and solid substances. R.O. is a widely used process that benefits the human body in many ways.

1. Removes Traces Of Sodium

R.O. systems remove sodium molecules from your water. The removal of sodium has proven to be highly beneficial for people who have sodium restrictions such as kidney disease, liver disease, and high blood pressure.

2. Lead Is Long Gone

By using an R.O. system, you can now drink safe water due to the removal of lead. The contaminant removal process effectively removes lead, which can potentially be very harmful to you and your family. If your body consumes high levels of lead, it is possible it will cause an increase in blood pressure, problems with fertility, and damage to your nerves and muscles. Children are affected differently by lead, with effects such as brain damage and sever anemia.

3. Cancer Patients Can Safely Consume R.O. Water

Those suffering from cancer and going through treatments can safely consume R.O. water because of the filtration. During radiation and chemotherapy, patients have an extremely weakened immune system, and anything harmful going into their system can cause infection. It is best to cook and drink treated water to avoid the harmful micro-organisms found in untreated water.

4. Filters Cryptosporidium

Unlike contaminated water, R.O. water a harmful parasite called cryptosporidium. If this parasite is ingested, it has been known to affect the small intestines, resulting in stomach cramping, along with fever and diarrhea. If children ingest this parasite, they can sometimes experience dehydration and malnutrition.


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