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Brrrrrrrrrr! Is everyone as chilly as we are today? As native West Texans, it’s hard to believe we have a “real” winter, complete with below freezing days, ice, and, on occasion, snow. We have six tips on how to prevent frozen pipes this winter, because as any Game of Thrones fan knows: “Winter is coming.”

(1) Turn Off The Water

If you know you’re going to be out of your home or business for an extended amount of time, we recommend turning off the water main. In case a pipe breaks due to freezing, you only have to worry about the water IN the pipes leaking instead of a potential bigger mess.

(2) Keep ‘Em Toasty

Just crank up the thermostat! While this isn’t the best long-term solution due to increased utility bills, the warmer air can keep interior pipes or ones in an uninsulated crawlspace from freezing. Just be sure to add insulation and seals to any open spaces on the next warm day!

(3) Insulation, Insulation, Insulation!

Fiberglass insulation is a great way to keep your pipes from freezing over and the best part is there’s no need to worry about cosmetic looks…it’s just about making sure those pipes are covered. D&D uses and recommends Guardian fiberglass insulation. You can read more about it here.

(4) Open The Doors

Not the OUTSIDE doors…your cabinet doors! Pipes are often located underneath cabinets and can freeze easily, as they’re cut off from warmer air circulating inside a building; opening the doors to cabinets with pipes underneath allows the warmer air outside to keep them from freezing. Keep in mind, it will look like you’ve been robbed but that’s a small price to pay.

(5) A Little Heat Goes A Long Way

If you’re concerned about pipes freezing, a small space heater is a good temporary solution. The area shouldn’t be kept toasty warm…just warm enough that the pipes don’t freeze over! As a note of caution, please remember that space heaters need to be carefully monitored at all times to avoid fires and carbon monoxide issues.

(6) Plan Ahead

Watch the local weather reports to plan ahead. Wrap your exterior pipes with insulation prior to any serious cold fronts. Allow a slow drip from faucets to keep water flow moving through your pipes. Make sure you have D&D’s number in handy in case something DOES happen.

D&D Plumbing loves having you as a customer, which is why we want to make sure that you’re prepared for these types of events. As much as we love seeing you, we also want you to be able to prevent some of these things from occurring! If you would like a pre-winter home inspection of your plumbing or furnace system, please call us at (432) 687-1011 or use our online service request form.