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We understand that’s it’s still pretty darn hot. However, staying ahead of the curve when it comes to home maintenance can help to save you time and money. Autumn will be here before we know it! Before the crisp weather comes to West Texas, be sure to follow these 7 tips to get your home ready for fall.

Schedule an HVAC Check

Though you’re likely to still be using your air conditioner into October, it never hurts to schedule a professional to inspect your furnace. Scheduling early makes sure that your heater is in proper working condition before the colder weather comes. Schedule your seasonal service with D&D today.

Clean Up The Yard

When you clean the exterior, be sure to blow out leaves, dirt, and other debris from around your exterior condenser unit and faucets. Not only does it brighten up your home’s curb appeal, it can prevent damage to your plumbing and HVAC equipment.

Inspect Points of Entry

Check all doors and windows for drafts. When entry points are improperly sealed, your home loses warmth through those gaps. That means that your heater will need to work harder to compensate for the loss.

Invest in Insulation

Fall is the perfect time of year to consider the addition of more insulation. The moderate temperatures make it an ideal opportunity to add in more material to your roof and walls. Talk to us about our insulation options for your home or business.

Change That Filter

Keeping your filter clean is the easiest and most cost-effective ways of self-maintenance. West Texas is dusty, so those filters trap quite a bit of debris. Be sure to change it out at least every 1-2 months – this is good advice year round.

Purchase Faucet Covers

Early fall is a great chance to pick up covers for your exterior faucets. As the fall wears on and cooler temperatures prevail, they might be more difficult to find in your local hardware store.

Sprinkler System Inspection

Though you most likely won’t need your automated sprinkler system in colder months, it’s important to get them serviced before fall. Small cracks, damaged couplings, or faulty installation might cause larger problems later on.

These easy tips can help you get your home ready for fall in no time. A little preventative maintenance goes a long way! D&D is available to help you with anything we can. Be sure to set up your service today.