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Though fall temperatures are usually crisp but moderate, it’s a preface of what’s to come: cold winter chills. However, autumn is the perfect season to begin preparing your home for cold weather. D&D Plumbing is sharing some tips on how to get started.

The Basics of Preparing Your Home for Cold Weather

Check the Plumbing

Though the Permian Basin doesn’t see many heavy snow or ice days, it’s important to identify uninsulated pipes in case a frost does come along. When the temperatures drop, those pipes (including outdoor fixtures) can freeze. Best case scenario, you won’t have water until they thaw – worst case scenario is that the pipes burst, causing flood.

Put Up Outdoor Items

Preparing Your Home for Cold WeatherMost West Texans aren’t fans of chillier weather. Though they enjoy the crisp temperatures of fall, most outdoor parties stop once the thermostat drops. A few things you can do to get your patio and yard ready for winter include:

  • Putting away outdoor furniture you won’t use;
  • Scheduling a service for lawn equipment;
  • Purchasing outdoor faucet covers (be sure to do this in advance of the first freeze, or you won’t be able to find any);
  • Bringing summer plants you want to keep inside.

Check for Leaks

Inspect doors and windows for gaps that could allow cold air to enter your home. You can purchase weather stripping to create a better seal around those areas. You should also consider adding it to your garage to help keep it warmer, as well.

Schedule an HVAC Service

The best defense is a good offense – even when it comes to your furnace. Schedule an HVAC season check with an experienced D&D technician. It’s better to identify and correct problems with your heater before you really need need it as opposed to waiting until when you do. These seasonal services check belts, clean filters, and make sure your furnace is in good condition before the cold snaps hit.

Consider Adding Insulation

Since your fall weather is generally pretty perfect, it’s a great time to consider proactively adding more insulation to your home. Whether it’s rolls & batts or loose-fill fiberglass, D&D can help you assess what your home needs to stay warm this winter. Additionally, extra insulation can make your home more energy-efficient, which decreases your monthly utility bills.

For more information on how D&D Plumbing can help you get your home ready for colder weather, contact us today. However, in the meantime, enjoy the beautiful autumn temperatures!