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This spring has been a series of up and down weather. However, we have already experienced several days of high temperatures. Is your air conditioner keeping up with the job, or do you suspect that there may be something wrong? We want you to be prepared, so we’re sharing some signs that your A/C needs repairs

Sign #1: It’s Blowing Hot Air…

No, we don’t mean that your A/C is telling fibs. If you hold your hand up to the vent, you will notice that the air isn’t cold. It might still be forcing air from the vents, but it’s significantly warmer than it should be. This could mean that the compressor is going out or that your unit is out of coolant. Either way, it’s a job for the experts at D&D.

Sign #2: …Or No Air At All

If you’ve noticed that your vents aren’t putting out any air at all, it could be another sign that the compressor is on the fritz. It could also indicate a problem within your duct system.

Sign #3: Where’s The Water Coming From?

If you notice that there is water where there shouldn’t be, it could be the sign of an air conditioning issue. This is usually in the form of moisture or a full leak. Most likely, your condensate line is block and is causing the leak. However, in very serious cases, it could be refrigerant. If that is the case, it could pose a potentially dangerous situation for you and your family. This problem needs to be repairs immediately.

Sign #4: Some But Not All

Are you noticing that some parts of your home are cool, whereas others are not? This could be a variety of issues. It could range from something as simple as a bad thermostat to a collapsed duct. Additionally, if you continue to experience these extreme temperatures even after the repair, you should look into adding more insulation to your home.

Sign #5: What’s That Smell?

Does your house smell like something rotten is being barbecued?

(perhaps that’s just our description)

If you notice horrible smells every time your air conditioner turns on, it’s a sign that something is wrong. There are several culprits, including dust, mold, and burned insulation. Be sure to schedule an appointment to assess the problem.

Sign #6: What’s That Noise?

If you’ve ever heard an air conditioner’s last sounds, you know they are horrifying. Especially in the middle of the night. These scary noises are indicators of gear issues and other mechanical problems, which require immediate attention.

Does your unit exhibit any signs that your A/C needs repairs? If so, don’t wait until the high heat of the summertime. Call D&D today to schedule your service. Additionally, be sure to check out our special offers on new air conditioners from American Standard!