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Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful! The holiday season is very closely associated with references to cold weather, from the North Pole to snowmen to hot chocolate. The wintertime is a very important time to stay warm but occasionally, your furnace will decide to go on the fritz. We have a short list of common heating problems you might experience…and how to prevent them!

A Filter That Looks Like It’s Covered In Coal Dust

A dirty filter is one of the main culprits of heater malfunctions. Dirt, pet dander, and pollen circulate in your home and the filter’s job is to catch the majority of that. However, when the filter has caught all that it can, it stops doing its job and the air flow to and from the furnace is restricted, causing your heater to have to work harder to circulate warm air. We recommend changing your filter at least twice during the winter months.

Your Thermostat Is On The Naughty List

A malfunctioning thermostat can also cause your heater to not perform properly. Be sure to check your batteries every 3 months and confirm that your thermostat is properly connected to your heating system. A misbehaving thermostat can also contribute to the next issue on our list…

The Starter System Has Been Zapped By Jack Frost

A furnace’s starter system is either an intermittent pilot light (for electrical systems) or a hot surface ignition (for gas-powered units). If either won’t turn on or will only turn on for a few moments at a time, the best choice is to contact D&D to make sure the starter is properly hooked up. We can assess the situation and confirm the actual problem for you.

The Heating Elves’ Machinery Is Broken

Like everything in a home or business, your heating system requires maintenance. That maintenance sometimes requires replacing broken belts, malfunctioning motors, and busted bearings. D&D is available to conduct annual furnace “wellness checks” to make sure that your system is running properly and to help you avoid being without heat during the winter months.

All of us at D&D hopes you are staying toasty warm after this first cold front! We feel that prevention is better than a cure, so give us a call today or send in an online service request to make sure your heating system is running its best…before the weather outside gets truly frightful!