Fall is here! Tips on what you need to do this season!


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The season is changing, fall is here, and we are forever reminded of the cold winter ahead. With the trees changing colors and hot apple cider being passed around, we want to make sure your plumbing and insulation are prepared for the weather to come.

Make sure all your faucets are not leaking.

If so, make necessary adjustments or give us a call today. We will make sure to have it fixed up in no time.

Seal leaks.

Sealing leaks around your doors and windows to insure no cold air penetrating your home.

Check your water heater.

With the cold weather coming, make sure there is no build up causing corrosion. If so make sure to flush it out because it can shorten the life span of your heater and reduce heating efficiency.

Test the water heaters pressure valve.

The pressure valve is a safety precaution for your water heater to prevent it from over pressurizing. If working correctly the valve will open and release pressure to avoid explosions.

Check the thermostat temperature.

120 degrees is the optimum temperature.

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