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Pets make an incredibly lovable addition to any family home. However, you might be surprised to know that furry family members can inadvertently cause trouble for your HVAC system. That’s why D&D is sharing these easy to follow HVAC tips for pet owners.

Clean Out Your Filters Right MEOW

Your filters work hard to keep fur, dust, and pet dander from circulating throughout your home. However, having pets indoors can clog those air filters. Pet fuzzies prevent proper airflow, forcing your HVAC system to work harder than it needs to in order to move air throughout your house. Additionally, it can significantly increase allergy symptoms.

This Might Be RUFF, But Keep Your House & Pets Clean

HVAC tips for pet ownersAdd deep cleanings to your home to-do list. Pets can bring in a number of allergens, including pollen and dust. These items can get into your home HVAC system and circulating it through every room in your home. It’s also helpful to schedule frequent pet baths, as well. Keeping allergens off of your animals can assist you with keeping your home cleaner.

Set the PURR-fect Temperature

When your indoor pets are home alone, you can save time and money by adjusting your thermostat. Since (most) pets have fur, they can stay safe and comfortable in 80°F in the summer and 65° in the winter. Scheduling temperature adjustments during work hours can help you save on your utility bills – adding more to the treat and toy budget!

Sorry to BARK at You, but Isolate Your Outdoor Units

Nosy pets can easily injure themselves on exterior units. Whether they’re chewing on wires or getting too close to motors, many of these accidents can be prevented. Cordon off any outdoor fans with a material that doesn’t inhibit the air intake.

Be Sure to Clean the DUCKS – We Means Ducts

Scheduling an annual ductwork cleaning keeps your HVAC system running smoothly and improves air quality. Cleaning your home’s circulation system makes it easier for the two- and four-legged family members to breathe.

D&D hopes that these HVAC tips for pet owners helps save you money on costly repair bills, in addition to making your home comfortable. We’re PAWS-atively happy to conduct any HVAC tune-up you might need. Set up your service appointment today!