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West Texas water is notoriously known for being, well…bad. It’s got a briny taste and more than a few times a year, it smells like a swimming pool due to chlorine treatments. While it’s technically drinkable, it still isn’t very refreshing. Installing a reverse osmosis (or RO) system can be the best option for your home or business! We have a list of four great reasons why.

(1) Bottled = Money

Bottles are great for water on the go. However, the cost of bottled water adds up quickly, both financially and environmentally. Filters only need to be replaced about once per year (though pre-filters may need to be changed more often), which means you’re spending less time and money having to run by the store when you’ve run out. Also, it’s better for the environment to grab a washable, reusable water bottle to take when you’re on the move!

(2) It Simply Tastes Better

More than just a filtered pitcher, reverse osmosis uses water pressure to force water through a very tight semi-permeable membrane in order to remove impurities. It then collects, one drop at a time, into a pressurized storage tank…then it’s ready for drinking! Removing sediment from the water makes it taste and smell cleaner.

(3) When I Was A Kid, I Just Drank Out Of The Faucet…And I’m Fine!

Regional water purification centers generally use a local source for tap water. It is then purified, but usually to the minimums as required by federal and state laws. It’s expensive to make potable water for the masses and often times, tap water is suitable for bathing and cooking, but not necessarily very tasty for drinking. The 2014 water report for Midland shows trace levels of lead, arsenic, and radioactive contaminants, amongst other elements. While these are under the regulatory levels, adding a reverse osmosis system for your drinking water can reduce these levels even further.

(4) I Don’t Know How To Install Or Maintain A System

No problem! D&D Plumbing can do it for you! We are experts at installations and maintenance of RO systems. You can submit a service request online or give us a call today at (432) 687-1011.