Looking to Sell or Buy a Home in 2015? Here's What You Should Know


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Weather you are looking for a new place to live this year or simply want to sell your home, here are a few things to know. Josh Altman of Bravo’s reality show “Million Dollar Listings” chimes in on a few tips and tricks when getting involved with the real estate market this year.

What to do before you sell

Become the real seller

Selling your home can be a process, so prepare yourself. Begin viewing your home as an investment. And trust your realtor, they know what they are doing.

Price it right

No matter how well your home is advertised, if it is not priced right, it will not sell. Altman mentions pricing depends on the type of market and strategy your agent uses. He does recommend pricing a little above the market so there is room for negotiation BUT not to high to miss your buyer pool.


Remember you are selling this home to others, so anything that makes your home yours, temporarily put it away. The buyers want to make sure to picture themselves living there.

Fist impressions, always

The first impression is the MOST important. It will either make or break your buyers decisions so make it perfect! Insure your home is clean, tightly, bright and smelling great.

Always be ready to show

You never know when your potential buyer will want to see your home so be ready. Selling your home is a full time job.

Don’t over indulge

Put a little money into updating your home. Nothing to drastic or custom, you want to keep your home likable to most. Most of your money should go towards the kitchen, flooring and bathrooms.

Kitchens sell!

The kitchen is the heart of the home so make sure that is the most noticeable part of your home. Altman recommends stainless steel appliances and granite countertops.


Take out the clothes you have in your closet to show how much room they have. When cluttered they can seem small and less attractive.

Light it up

A bright home will sell.

What to do before a buy

Check school districts

With children it is important to see what schools are in your area. The better the school the more expensive the home.

Visit the home at different times of the day

As a buyer you need to know all the good and bad your future home offers. Different parts of the day can mean to little lighting.

See storage

Check out pantries, closets, and other storage options. Very important!

Ignore paint

Ignore those ugly paint colors if you can. A new coat of paint is no big deal when it comes to buying a new home.

Get an inspection

Altman recommends to all of his buyers to have a thorough home inspection. It can be expensive but it will be more pricey if you encounter these problems later down the road.

Last, check for red flags

Here are a few things Altman suggests: Has the home had any issues with mold? Is there lead paint in the home? How is the foundation? Have you had bug problems? Are there lots of homes for sale in the neighborhood? If so why are they leaving?