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If you’re in the market for a new (to you) home, you may be looking at older properties. Old homes have a lot of character and quirkiness that appeals to many people. However, some of there properties may require more than just some fresh paint and flooring. D&D is here to fill you in on our must have plumbing updates for an older home.

Pipe Replacement

During your inspection process, it’s important to find an inspector who is familiar with older homes. Many of these properties were built with galvanized pipes, which can corrode over time. If you’re planning a massive overhaul of the house, that’s no problem – just add pipe replacements onto the to-do list.

Sewer And Gas Lines

Again, over time, these lines can corrode and leak. Prior to moving into an older home, have a licensed plumber (ahem, we mean us!) complete a line inspection to determine if there are any leaks. If any are detected, it’s important to repair or, more often, replace the line for your protection and health.

Fixture Replacements

While many antique fixtures can be considered charming and part of the house’s character, they can also cost you money over time. How? They weren’t crafted with today’s energy-consciousness in mind! Due to space constraints, modern plumbing fixtures may not fit with your home’s design. However, there are many online stores which cater to those looking to maintain a historical aesthetic and still be environmentally friendly!

P-Trap Installations

Older homes used a plumbing device called a drum trap, which helps to siphon water in the same way as a P-trap in modern plumbing standards. In modern plumbing, we don’t use these devices due to their ineffectiveness compared to the P-trap design. They also have a tendency to collect grime, hair, and other gross things – even worse than a P-trap clog. Yuck!

Pressure-Compensating Valves

Do you remember when someone flushed the toilet in the other bathroom while you were showering at your grandmother’s house? Hello, lobster! Older homes are not equipped with anti-scald valves, which also help with regulating the water pressure. With this device, water temperatures automatically stay within a 3° difference.

New Water Heater

In years past, showers and baths were perfunctory, not for luxuriating. However, modern inhabitants may want to consider upgrading their older home’s water heater to accommodate longer baths and showers. It’s also beneficial, as new hot water heaters are more energy efficient. You may even want to consider installing a tankless hot water heater for endless hot water.

Are you ready to make your older home a little more modern? While you can definitely keep the same character and historical appeal, it’s important to add safety features, include modern conveniences, and make it more environmentally friendly. D&D is available to help make your new home the showstopper of the neighborhood. Set up your service request today!