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Everyone who loves Halloween enjoys a spooky story and everyone who weaves a good yarn knows there is always some truth to any good tale. D&D has seen some interesting things over the years, which often take place after holidays…and Halloween is no exception.

Here are a few plumbing horror stories we’ve experienced or heard about over the years, along with some times on how to avoid them.

Read on…but only if you’re brave.

Bobbing for (Rotten) Apples

Apples are a traditional image for all things autumn…apple pie, strolls through orchards, and the fun game of bobbing for apples at fall festivals. However, once your guests take a bite out of their apple prize, be sure to leave a trash bin for them to toss the core into. You can also add them to a compost heap, if you’re so inclined (though we know those smell like zombie armpits). Apple cores are notorious for jamming garbage disposals. However, if you forget, D&D is happy to come out and get rid of that backup for you.

The Drip…Drip…DRIP of the Midnight Faucet

 You’re alone in the house, snuggling in for the night. Across the hall, you hear it…drip, drip DRIP! All you can think about is why you shouldn’t have stayed up all night watching those horror movies with dripping ghosts. However, there’s no reason to fear! D&D is to the rescue to fix those leaky faucets and make sure you sleep soundly…but we can’t fix your choice of movies.

The Tale of the Zombie Pumpkin

Carving jack-o-lantern’s is one of the best things about Halloween. Spooky carved pumpkins light up the night and glow brightly to light the way for treat-or-treaters. Just be cautious not to throw the “guts” into your garbage disposal, otherwise the pumpkin will come alive and haunt your kitchen until D&D is able to save you.

Haunted Water Pipes

Are your water pipes knocking and wiggling on their own? Are there moans and groans coming from your plumbing system? WE AIN’T AFRAID OF NO GHOSTS! Just kidding! It isn’t supernatural. It’s more than likely loose pipes or high water pressure. Just give us a call today to take a look for you.

We hope that we’ve been able to dispel any creepy rumors or ghostly myths with our not-so-spooky plumbing horror stories. If you do happen to encounter any of these horrors, be sure to call our haunted hotline.

Wishing you a very safe & happy Halloween from all of us at D&D!