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Dealing with your home’s quirks can be one of the most frustrating things in life. When something goes wrong in your home, most people’s gut reaction is to panic. However, it’s possible to save money and time with these quick home repairs you can do yourself.

Pitiful Water Pressure

Have you ever noticed that your water fixtures, which once flowed like a waterfall, now seem to have slowed to the crawl of a lazy river? Instead of thinking there’s something seriously wrong with your home’s plumbing, take a peek at the spigot. The hard water in West Texas is usually a prime suspect when it comes to reduced water pressure. Calcium, lime, and other minerals build up over time, preventing water from flowing properly. You can try chemical products like CLR or, if you prefer to go more green, try this vinegar trick for removing mineral deposits. We recommend a whole-house reverse osmosis system in combination with a water softener to help reduce the effects of hard water.

Little Leaks

quick home repairs you can do yourself

Clean drains yourself with our tips.

Have you ever noticed your kitchen sprayer leaking slightly? Instead of worrying about a service call and a big water bill, be sure to check that all of the hoses are tightly screwed on. Occasionally, particularly with swivel nozzles, faucets hoses can loosen and cause small leaks.

Smelly Drains

Before placing a call to D&D about stinky drains, it’s vinegar for the win again. There are two steps for this process:

  1. Boil 4 cups of water. Pour half of it down the drain and wait for 3-5 minutes. Follow up by running cold water to help congeal any grease or film. Dump the rest of the hot water down the drain.
  2. After you’ve used water, it’s time to deodorize. Follow the same steps, substituting 4 cups of white vinegar for water. It will get rid of the stink – naturally.

Wobbly Toilets

Unsecured toilets can make people feel more than just a little uncomfortable. The majority of wobbly toilets are a quick fix of tightening the floor bolts. However, it’s incredibly easy to crack the toilet base if you get too aggressive when securing the bolts.

Still don’t feel comfortable fixing these things yourself? That’s no problem. Call D&D at (432) 687-1011 or visit our site to schedule service.