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In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, it’s difficult to imagine the level of devastation Texans are facing right now. While some areas are drying, others are flooding significantly. Though all of the excess water can be fascinating, there are several reasons reasons to avoid flood waters, for your health and safety. D&D shares why you should skip wading around after the rain.

Why You Shouldn’t Venture Out Into Flood Waters


One of the biggest reasons you should avoid flood waters (if you can help it) is the level of contamination. Though raw sewage is usually contained in pipes, pressure from the intense flooding can burst them. Sewage can carry diseases such as leptospirosis, typhoid, and hepatitis, among others.

Additionally, do not drink water and avoid showering until you can been cleared to do so by your local municipality. Opt for bottled beverage or follow the EPA’s tips on boiling water for emergency use.

Reasons to Avoid Flood WatersWildlife

Flood waters are often murky, which means you can’t see what’s swimming in them. In addition to fish or poisonous snakes, floods bring out swamps of disease-carrying insects. Mosquitos thrive in flooded environments – they also carry diseases such as malaria, Zika, and West Nile.

Flash Floods

Though flood waters may appear to lower, there is still the risk of a flash flood. Excess rain can cause dams to break, releasing a quick, strong flow of water. If you are in the flood waters, you risk being swept up in the current. Check weather reports frequently and be incredibly cautious if you must venture out into the waters.


High flood waters limit your visibility, which means you’re unable to see drains, ditches, and sinkholes clearly. These drainage spots are designed to siphon water away from homes and streets. They create forceful suction that can carry away an adult.

Dangerous Objects

Glass, rocks, and metal items can easy be swept away by heavy rains. When they settle in low-lying areas, they become hazards for people wading through the water. Be sure to wear closed-toe shoes if you need to walk around.

Our thoughts and hearts are with the rescuers, volunteers, and victims of Hurricane Harvey. D&D is proud to be a #TexasStrong company.