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Protect Your Plumbing While Your Away With These Quick & Easy Steps From D&DDecember is here and you know that that means…traveling is at an all time high. Which means empty homes. It’s extremely important to ensure your home is protected from thieves and burglars, but a lot of times, there’s one thing people forget to protect while they’re away: their plumbing.

When you are gone in the winter your home’s plumbing could take a turn for the worst if not properly cared for and prepped before you head out of town. Here let’s talk about how you can protect your plumbing from winter mishaps and make sure you come back to a home that’s the same as you left it.

Turn Off The Water-Maybe

Dealing with water damage is no way to come home from a trip. If your home will be empty for an extended period of time while there’s below freezing temperatures, consider turning off your water while you are gone to avoid the issue entirely. A couple of things to note: If your home is protected by a fire sprinkler system, do not turn off the water to that system. Also, be sure to consult with your heating professional to ensure this will not cause issues with your heating system.

Keep Your Pipes Warm

If you decide against turning off all water supply and draining pipes, you have to keep those pipes warm to prevent them from bursting. Keep the heat on, setting the temperature to 55 degrees. You want to keep everything above freezing temperatures, but not run up your heating bill. Be sure to cover your outside faucets to prevent them from freezing as well.

Check Before You Leave

It’s probably a good idea t do a routine check of your plumbing before you head out. Check for leaks or any drips that could potentially turn into a big problem should they be left unattended.

These quick and easy tips will protect your plumbing so you can enjoy the holiday season without fear of damaging your home! Need some help prepping your home for the cold? Give us a call at 432.687.1011 or fill out our contact form below!

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