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Ahhhh-CHOO! As beautiful as spring can be, the allergens in the air can definitely cause some issues. But what does a plumbing and HVAC company know about allergies? PLENTY! We’re here to share some of our spring allergy management tips with you to make the season more enjoyable.

Let The Flowers Blossom…Outdoors

spring allergy management


One of the most beautiful things about spring is that the trees, grass, and flowers are in bloom. For allergy sufferers, that lovely sight is followed up with a runny nose, itchy eyes, and sneezing. We recommend that you leave the spring flowers outdoors.

Additionally, if you have indoor/outdoor pets, consider wiping them off with a damp paper towel when they come back inside. This helps to catch any pollen “clingers” from spreading too much in your home. Regular grooming appointments can also reduce allergies.

Swap Your Air Filters

This one is so simple, but many people forget to do it! An air filter is designed to catch particles of dust, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens. This mechanism prevents those particles from circulating throughout your entire home. Be sure to change the filter at least every 2 months, though monthly changes are preferable.

Don’t Skip The Spring Cleaning

A thorough cleaning can help to identify areas where allergens might be originating. Unsealed windows and doors can allow particles to come in (especially after all of these wind storms we’ve been experiencing lately). As tempting as it may be, allergy sufferers should probably keep the windows closed. Running an ceiling electric fan or the air conditioner can be preferable to a bout of hay fever.

Also be sure to check under cabinets and near drain lines. If there are water leaks, any accumulation that doesn’t dry up might cause mold or mildew growth. Spring cleaning is also an opportune time to caulk or re-grout any tile work in bathrooms or kitchens. Not only does this project prevent mold or mildew growth, it can increase the durability of your tile work.

Conduct A Thorough Sweep

We don’t mean with a broom. Sometimes, we become complacent with our homes and don’t always look in every nook and cranny. It can be beneficial to call in a “neutral party” to carefully inspect your home for issues you may not even notice until it becomes a big problem. You may have a leak you didn’t even know about that is causing allergy issues in your home. D&D Plumbing offers seasonal HVAC and plumbing checks to help identify any problems. Set yours up today!