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Everyday we do countless, mindless things that waste crazy amounts of energy and we don’t even realize when we do it! That’s the bad news. The good news is, once you know what you are doing that is wasting energy, you can make simple changes in your life to save energy and money! Here are a few things you are doing that could be wasting energy!

You’re Taking Your Time Picking A Snack

Did you know the average person spends 10.4 hours a year standing in front of an open refrigerator? Not only is that a lot of time, it’s a lot of energy wasted! Be decisive in your snack-picking and place your most-used items in an easy to reach space.

You’re Using The Wrong Bulbs

Compact Fluorescent (CF) light bulbs save $40 in energy costs in the bulb’s lifetime. If you aren’t currently using these bulbs, it may be time to start!

You’re Sleeping With The TV On

Do you typically fall asleep with the television on? If this sounds like your nighttime routine, you are costing yourself about $55 per year!

You’re Overcharging Your Electronics

When charging your electronic devices, for example, your laptop or cell phone, unplug it once it reaches 100 percent. Think about it, it’s never going to charge more than 100 percent and you waste energy by keeping it plugged in!

You’re Not Programming Your Thermostat

Keeping your thermostat at a steady temperature can be bad for your wallet. Programming your thermostat on a timer and adjusting it for while your home and away saves you around $180 every year!

You Leave Ceiling Fans On In Empty Rooms

It’s important to remember that ceiling fans cool people not rooms. Leaving ceiling fans on in empty rooms is a quick way to waste energy and rack up a hefty utility bill!

You Haven’t Changed Your Air Filter

Make sure you change your air filter regularly to ensure you are breathing clean air. Your AC works harder and uses more energy when the air filter has not been changed.

You Leave The Lights On

When exiting a room, remember to turn off any lights. You don’t use the light when you’re out of the room, but you will use the money you save with this tip!

These tips should help you recognize the things you may be doing every day that are wasting energy, and we always want to help you save! For all of your plumbing, heating, and cooling needs, call D&D today!