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Many homeowners have heard of water softeners, but not everyone knows what they are or how they can benefit you. Essentially, water softeners treat ordinary, hard water and turn it into soft water. But people often wonder what this really means, and how can this benefit them.

Hard water comes straight from the water lines and is not treated. Many times, there are minerals in the water that make it hard such as calcium and magnesium. Water that has too many minerals in it creates a variety of issues for the homeowner over time. Water softening is a solution to this problem that works wonders.

When water is treated with water softeners, the calcium and magnesium and other minerals are removed, or rather the mineral ions are eliminated. There are many benefits that come with the removal of these mineral ions. For example, you would use a lot less soap when calcium is removed from the water, as calcium tends to bond to soap and create soap waste.

Another serious benefit when using a water softener is the reduction of scale build-up in fittings and pipes, which extends the life of these water systems dramatically, often adding years to their use and drastically lowering replacement costs. Iron ions are also removed with water softeners, so your skin is softer when you use showers or take baths.

A water softener usually takes the form of a machine that is connected to your water supply and runs automatically. These machines require little maintenance or repair and are very efficient, providing soft water for your home day in and day out, reliably. A professional can install a water softener for you in a short period of time.

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