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Low water pressure can be irritating when completing household tasks like washing dishes, cooking, showering, etc. While it may be frustrating, it can also be a warning to bigger problems that need to be tended to immediately. In this blog we will go over what causes low water pressure and the signs to look for!

Municipal Water Supply Malfunctions

Sometimes low water pressure in your home is not because of your piping system, but could be due to the malfunction in your area’s municipal water supply. This water supply is subject to leaks and build up similar to your piping system, just on a larger scale. If you have checked your system and believe it is an area-wide problem, call your local municipal water supply company to see if it s in fact a problem with the area supply.

Plumbing Leaks

If any of your plumbing has a leak or multiple leaks, your water pressure will be significantly lower than normal! Make sure to call D&D to repair any leaks so your water pressure will be back to normal in no time!

Debris And Mineral Buildup

It’s not uncommon for dirt, sand and other forms of debris to enter the pipes of your home, and in West Texas, it’s almost expected. Buildup of these minerals could cause low water pressure but can be easily fixed when caught early.

Corrosion Buildup

Galvanized or steel piping is generally expected to last for 20 years, however that may not always the case. Natural corrosion can sometimes build up and block water flow. In this case, pipe replacement is a suggested option.

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