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Did you ask Santa for a new kitchen or bathroom in your home or office? D&D is offering up a list of what to look for in your next contractor.

They Make A List…And Check It Before Giving You A Price

Any good contractor will not give out quotes over the phone or email without first having inspected the property. Though these means of communication are often the simplest and easiest, not seeing the condition of a job beforehand can often result in a job being underbid…which means more out of pocket for the homeowner to see the project to completion.

You’ll Be Home For Christmas

Good contractors will establish a beginning and end date, as well as working to discuss any delays or issues with a homeowner ahead of time. An open line of communication definitely helps to make sure that you can organize any events, whether holiday family gatherings or vacations, around your remodeling project.

They Have Santa’s Stamp Of Approval

Any contractor worth his or her salt will be licensed and insured. This one is actually a no-brainer. Licensing assures a customer than the person has completed required training and education in a particular subject, while insurance provides protection against disasters and injuries. Make sure ANY contractor you consider should have these no matter what.

Talk To Their Little Elves

Ask for references! There’s nothing wrong with reading reviews online but hearing from actual customers is the best choice. You’ll get the most honest answers from people who have actually worked with these contractors.

Don’t Let Your Contract Be Like A Snowman

Make sure you get everything in writing! You don’t want your agreement to melt away like Frosty. This not only outlines the scope of work, but it also creates a timeline and list of responsibility for not only the contractor, but also the items the homeowner is required to do.

D&D hopes that you get everything on your wish list this year! Remember that we’re available for contracting HVAC and plumbing services. We also want to wish you a very merry Christmas from all of us at D&D!