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Summer is a time of fun and relaxation! However, some common summer plumbing problems can put a damper on your fun faster than a thunderstorm at a picnic. We’re sharing some suggestions on how to spot these ordinary (but annoying) plumbing issues.

Leaky Outdoor Faucets

Common Summer Plumbing Problems

Whether you’re watering your garden or setting up the kiddie pool, a leaky outdoor faucet can be a big problem. Not only does it waste water, it can create hazards, too. If your leaky faucet is dripping on concrete or other slick surface, it can create a slipping hazard. Additionally, mold and mildew can form during humid conditions.

Clogged Sewers

One of the yuckiest of yucky plumbing problems, sewers that back up can make your home something out of a drive-in horror movie! Increased rainfall means that sewer lines and drains are running at max capacity. That means they might back up into your home. If you notice dirty water or bad smells in your sinks, tubs, or toilets, give D&D a call to avoid a truly stinky situation.

Disposal Distress

Most kids are home during the summer months. That can mean more use out of your garbage disposal. If you notice strange noises, clogs, or otherwise abnormal activity from your disposal, set up your appointment.

Additionally, the summer month are full of treats and meals that should never meet with a disposal. These include large bones, grease and fats (especially animal), fibrous produce like corn or squash, potato peels, and pits from produce. Though it’s past the 4th, our Independence Day party tips are great for any summer get-together.

Sprinkler SOS

While we’re not landscapers, it’s important to identify and fix any busted sprinkler heads. These little pieces of plastic can be damaged by heavy traffic, including mowing your lawn. They can run up your water bill and make a muddy mess of your yard and flowerbeds. Oh, the price to pay for a pretty green yard!

Toilet Maintenance

As with the garbage disposal, toilets see an increased use when there are more people at home each month. The more flushes, the more wear and tear. If you notice little leaks, clogs, or constantly running water, it’s definitely time to call D&D. It’s best to take care of these things when they’re minor issues.