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Since July 4th falls on a Tuesday this year, many people will be able to enjoy a four day weekend. Today, we’re sharing our coolest 4th of July party tips…but with an HVAC and plumbing twist. They’re guaranteed to keep your party going all weekend!

In Case You MIST It

Yes. It’s supposed to be a play on words (we know it’s “missed”). July 4th parties are notoriously hot in Texas…and we don’t mean that in a good way. In order to keep your guests comfortable while spending time outdoors, consider building one of these  homemade misters. If you’re not the DIY type, add spray bottles of water on table for guests to mist themselves.

You can also use fans and extension cords outdoors, as well. Large box fans or portable swamp coolers can help in cooling down small outdoor spaces.

The Grumble That Isn’t Summer Thunder

4th of July Party TipsOccasionally, rich foods found at barbecues can cause, ummmm, stomach irritation. When hosting large groups of people, your plumbing may see more use than normal. We recommend keeping a plunger in each bathroom, along with extra towels, just in case there’s an accident. This is particularly important in homes with older pipes.

Additionally, use thinner toilet paper (check out this crazy experiment…there’s no yuckiness, we promise). Though cheaper paper is sometimes less comfortable, it dissolves in water faster, reducing the possibility of clogs.

Say Uh-Uh To AC

Going in and out of doors repeatedly can drive up your utility bills! Each time you open your doors, you’re letting hot air in and cold air out. Consider closing blinds and curtains, turning fans on full blast, and asking guests to come in less frequently. However, if the air is cool enough (or after the sun goes down), creating a breeze by opening windows can help cool your house. Read our tips on keeping cool when your air conditioner is out…even though it will just be off, in this situation.

Well, This Situation Is Trash

Repeat after us: don’t put everything in the garbage disposal. Your disposal is equipped to handle small bites of food and other items. However, it’s not a complete garbage can. There are, in fact, some things you shouldn’t put down the disposal. Here are a few of them:

  • Large bones (like steak or ribs)
  • Fibrous vegetable such as asparagus or squashes
  • Potato peels
  • Pits (like avocados, peaches, or cherries)
  • Grease, particularly animal fats

Slip Slidin’ Away

Keep everyone cool this 4th of July without running your AC up by creating your own water park. Slide mats, sprinklers, little pools, and more can help keep guests comfortable. You can also come up with fun water games for more competitive guest. Water balloon fights and water guns are an enjoyable way to stay cool.

Do you think you’ll used any of these 4th of July party tips? We want you to have the COOLEST (literally and figuratively) four day weekend yet. However, remember that D&D is available for holiday and weekend service. Contact us if you need us!

Happy Independence Day From D&D!