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Ahhhh, summer. Weekend roads trips, fireworks, barbecues, and…busted air conditioners. So how do you keep cool when your AC is broken? We’re sharing some great tips on being able to stay cool even in sweltering heat.

Step 1 – Call D&D

Whether or not it’s a “simple” fix to get your air conditioner working again, it’s important to call an expert. D&D has years of experience dealing with West Texas summers…and the impact they have on air conditioners. When high temperatures hit, we experience larger call volumes. Even if you are able to temporarily fix your AC on your own, it’s worth having a professional take a look. We recommend calling us at (432) 687-1011, though you can schedule service with us online.

Step #2 – Create A Cave-Like Environment

Even if you have newer windows, a good portion of your home will be warmed up as sunlight comes in through windows. Lower blinds and pull the curtains to keep sunlight from coming into your home.

Step #3 – Don’t Add To The Heat

At D&D, we try to get to our customers as quickly as possible. However, while you’re waiting, it’s important to avoid putting additional heat in the air. Opt for salads, sandwiches, or smoothies instead of cooking meals in the oven. Try to avoid using hair dryers and curling irons that add heat back into the environment.

Step #4 – Go Natural

Unlike big cities full of concrete, West Texas nights actually cool off once the sun goes down. Though it may disturb allergies, you can open windows to let in cooler night air into your home. Just be sure to seal the windows properly and fix broken screens to prevent insects and other critters from entering your home.

Step #5 – You’re A Fan’s Biggest Fan

Make sure all of your ceiling fans are switched to “the summer setting.” By setting fans to rotate counter-clockwise, your fans will pull up warm air and push down cooler air. Additionally, adding a few floor fans will help to bring down the heat.

Step #6 – Chill Out

Wet towels and place them in a freezer to cool yourself off. Indulge in iced coffee, frozen fruit pops, or ice cream treats. Be sure to stay hydrated with icy cold water or refreshing lemonade. Sit on a breezy patio. These are just a few other ways to keep your temperature down.

D&D strives to get to our customers as quickly as possible, especially during times of extreme weather. Be sure to keep cool when your AC is broken and know that we’re working hard to get yours working again.