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The holiday season is a time of laughter, family, gift-giving, and gratitude. It can also be a time of stress, especially with lots of extra obligations, budgeting, and ridiculously cold weather. D&D wants to help give you some tips to reduce your stress and stay warm by making you aware of these heating naughty list no-no’s!

Lumps Of Coal Can Cause “CO”

“CO” is the chemical short form for carbon monoxide, a dangerous gas which is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. This gas is emitted from heat sources such as ranges and heating units; it occurs when there isn’t enough oxygen in the air to create carbon dioxide. It’s important to have your heat sources checked on an annual basis to make sure they are within safe CO ranges to protect your home and business. Most victims don’t even realize they’ve been exposed until it’s too late.

Bundle Up By The Hearth

Fireplaces, both gas logs and wood burning, are great for keeping warm on cold winters nights. However, it’s very important that anything with an open flame is carefully monitored. Gas logs should be checked for leaks often and the keys for them need to be kept out of reach of small children. Wood burning fireplaces should have a protective screen in from of them to prevent embers that may create a fire hazard. It is also important to make sure that all logs and embers are sufficiently put out before retiring for the evening or leaving the house.

The Little Space Heater That Could…Kind Of

Space heaters are a great way to stay warm as long as these three conditions are met: (1) Usage is only temporary. Space heaters aren’t great for long periods. (2) Use is supervised at all times. Several issues can happen if portable units aren’t monitored. A few include accidentally knocking over a heater (which can create a fire) or the heater can melt nearby items. (3) The space being warmed isn’t enclosed. Small spaces can not only create a fire hazard, but the risk of carbon monoxide risks increases, as well.

We hope you’ll make your heating list and check it twice to be certain everything is as safe as possible in your home or business. We also have a great blog on common heating problems which might help, too. When in doubt, call D&D…we want your family to stay safe and warm during this holiday season.