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D&D is so excited that Thanksgiving has FINALLY arrived! It’s a day of family, football, and feasting. We have a few quick tips on how to navigate some Turkey Day tussles that could definitely put a kink into your holiday!

Keeping Your Cool In The Kitchen

Extra heat-generating appliances can definitely warm your house up. Try to do the majority of your cooking in the early morning hours when outside temperatures are cooler. The heat from the stove and oven will warm the air in your home. An added benefit is that makes it to where your heater doesn’t have to work quite as hard since the stove is putting off so much warmth. Another suggestion is to keep that oven door closed! It contains the heat and helps whatever you’re baking cook more evenly. If your kitchen gets REALLY warm, investing in a slow cooker might be worth considering.

The Dreaded Shared Bathroom

Having a crowd at your house also means having a crowd using your restrooms. We will just let you use your imagination about what an unfortunate event this could turn into if a commode ends up getting clogged. We have a few tips!

  • Keep a good quality plunger near any toilets used by guests.
  • Assess any problem areas, such as low water pressure or previous clogs, ahead of time.
  • Block off access to any problematic bathrooms with a sign on the door saying “do not use.”

Say No To Body Heat

Lots of people means lots of body heat. In order to avoid having your home become a sweltering sauna, drop the thermostat a few degrees lower than you normally keep it prior to guests arriving. This helps to account for all of the extra warm bodies in the room. Also, to help them regulate their own temperatures, offer a variety of beverages, both cold and hot, to your guests. We also recommend having fans on low or medium to help circulate the air in your home.

Keep An Eye On The Disposal

Make sure you watch what goes down your garbage disposal. There are lots of things such as fibrous foods, coffee grounds, and large bones that could cause a fiasco. We recommend you check out our Halloween blog that will give you some additional tips on what to dump in the trashcan instead.

D&D hopes these little tips and trick for making your Thanksgiving a little easier! We are so grateful for YOU! Our families wish you and yours a happy, healthy, and (relatively) uneventful holiday. Remember that if you do happen to run into any of these issues, we’re just a phone call away!