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October is certainly terrifying this year with Halloween and a Friday the 13th! Though it’s considered the spookiest month on the calendar, it doesn’t have to be scary for your HVAC or plumbing system. However, D&D Plumbing is cautioning you about plumbing & HVAC mistakes that will haunt you – during October and the rest of the year!

Say BOO to These Plumbing & HVAC Mistakes

Air Filters as Dusty as a Mummy’s Tomb

Exorcise the dust demons by banishing them OUTSIDE. Cleaning your filter at least every 1-2 months prevents allergens and dust from circulating throughout your home.

Utility Bill Draining Your Bank Account Like a Vampire

Fall is the perfect time to consider upgrading your plumbing and HVAC systems to something more energy efficient. Extreme summer and winter temperature can suck you dry of extra cash each month. Ask D&D about Energy Star® appliances to make your house more efficient – it’s like garlic to those vampiric utility companies.

Tap Water Quality = Swamp Thing Environment

plumbing & HVAC mistakes

Have you noticed your tap water smelling a bit…odd? If it’s beginning to look a little too swamp-like for you, consider adding a reverse osmosis system to improve the quality. Did you know they even have full-home units, as well? It’s the best option for purifying water – no more boggy H20!

Hardware as Rusty as Frankenstein

Corroded hardware, whether it’s around your plumbing fixtures or around your HVAC unit, can pose a massive problem. Winter temperatures can put pressure on lines – and rusty hardware can make it difficult to fix in a pinch. Change out the old pieces for brand new ones. You can request that your D&D technician cover this during a seasonal inspection.

Horror Movie Hair in the Drains

Does your drain smell like a graveyard or, even worse, are you expecting a horror movie monster to come crawling out of there? Over time, hair, cosmetics, and other debris can get caught in your plumbing pipes, clogging your drains. Don’t be left with a nasty mess – call D&D to handle the preventative maintenance before things start getting truly spooky.

Are you completely horrified now? Don’t press your luck on Friday the 13th (or Halloween for that matter)…schedule an appointment with D&D Plumbing to stop problems before they happen.