Use Your Appliances At These Times & Save Energy


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Use Your Appliances At These Times And Save Energy

Laundry and dishes. We all have to do it, but did you know there are certain times of the day to use your appliances that can actually save energy and money? That’s right.

Running your dishwasher and washing machine between the hours of 7:00PM and noon can save what you’re charged by almost half! Why? Utility companies usually charge their highest rates at peak times during the day (the most popular time being 2:00pm). Using appliances during less popular hours will save you money and energy!

Try to run your washing machine and dishwasher simultaneously if possible. This tactic has proven to save on your bill as well!

Looking for other ways to conserve energy? You could be wasting energy without event knowing it! Click here to read more about how you could save even more energy every day!

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